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Key Ideas

Below are some discussion questions Barbara has spoken about in interviews and articles.

1) What is dementia? What symptoms occur in each phase of the disease? 


2) How do care needs differ for the various types of dementia?


3)  What are caregiving interventions and why are they necessary?


4)  What are health risks for caregivers?  Why do caregivers need to care for themselves first? How can they do so physically and mentally?


5)  Why is it necessary to be an educated caregiver?  What are examples of tools a caregiver can use to provide care?


6)  How can caregivers build a caregiving team?


7)  What is meant by the term “a sense of place?” Explain concepts of home, work life, and community for a person with dementia.


8) What are factors to consider when traveling with a person with dementia?


9)  What are trigger factors?  What are ways to manage them?


10) Why is the concept of home so important to persons with dementia?


11)  When referring to home, how does the structural building differ from emotional states? 


12) What “home” adjustments can be made to help persons with dementia? How are these made if a move to a care facility is needed?


13) How do adjustments to home furnishings provide support to persons with dementia and their caregivers?


14)  What about accessories to furnishings such as art, artifacts, and objects? What are examples?


15)  What is the relationship between light and dementia? How can light benefit persons with dementia?


16)  How can color impact the well-being and quality of life for persons with dementia?  What is art-making and how can it be therapeutic?


17)  What are examples of new technology and how it’s helping persons with dementia and their caregivers? What are ways to learn and use it?


18) What is biophilia?  How can nature-based interventions support persons with dementia?  What are examples of effective activities?


19)  Explain sensory engagement.  How can using one or more of the five senses strengthen connections with persons with dementia?


20) Any other resources that can help lessen the challenges of dementia for persons with dementia, their caregivers, and families?


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