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Joyful Caregiving: 10 Ways to Cultivate Joy on the Journey

Updated: Feb 14

Are you finding yourself thrust into the role of a caregiver for a loved one with dementia? It's okay if you feel overwhelmed or trapped in an unexpected life. The journey of caregiving doesn't have to be devoid of joy and happiness. In fact, there are numerous ways to enhance your well-being and lead a meaningful life while caring for a loved one with dementia. Let's delve into ten strategies, to add more joy to your journey amidst the challenges of caregiving.


1.     Be Empowered: Knowledge truly is power. Take the time to understand the intricacies of dementia, from its symptoms to triggers and phases. Empower yourself with information, eliminating the fear of the unknown. For instance, learning about the disease allowed me to assemble a support team and plan for the future, shifting from fear to proactive empowerment.


2.     Keep Your Dreams Alive: Adjusting to new responsibilities can be disheartening, especially when dreams of travel or personal adventures are put on hold. Personally, I struggled to reconcile my longing for exploration with the confines of caregiving. Yet, finding alternative outlets, such as virtual reality travel experiences, opened unexpected doors to joy and shared moments of wonder.


3.     Do the Things You Love: Hold onto your passions and hobbies. If you love cooking, involve your loved one in simple meal preparations. I found solace in gardening, adapting my large outdoor vegetable garden to a cherished indoor herb garden. Engaging my loved one in these activities not only brought joy but also created lasting memories.


4.     Keep Your Relationships Alive: Staying connected with family and friends is vital. Use technology to your advantage, like my regular FaceTime calls with friends. Taking breaks for myself, even if it's just for lunch with a dear friend, has been a lifeline. These moments of connection and support make a significant difference in navigating the caregiving journey.


5.     Celebrate: Find reasons to celebrate, even in the smallest of things. Personally, I make it a point to buy myself flowers or have a coffee date. Creating new traditions, like celebrating Arbor Day with a tree hug, brings joy and positive distractions for my loved one. Balancing the joy of celebration with the reality of caregiving challenges required intentional mindfulness yet provides meaningful joy and happy memories.


6.     Embrace Simple Pleasures: Discover joy in the little things. I started practicing "5 sensing," focusing on one sense each day. Listening to the sounds of nature, feeling the textures around me, and appreciating the smells brought unexpected peace and calmness to my daily routine. Yet, incorporating these activities into daily routines gradually revealed their power to provide solace amidst the storm of caregiving difficulties.


7.     Nurture Nature: Engaging with the outdoors became a sanctuary, but introducing a loved one to these activities posed logistical challenges. Taking my loved one outdoors, even if it means bundling them up or using a wheelchair, significantly improves our attitudes. The simple act of being surrounded by nature refreshes us for the challenges ahead.


8.     Keep Moving: Exercise is essential for well-being. While it might seem challenging, finding creative ways to stay active, like chair exercises, has become a priority. Even if it means enlisting help for a respite break, prioritizing my health has positively impacted both me and my loved one.


9.     Surround Yourself with Happy People: Being around joyous individuals is a game-changer. Sharing laughter, telling funny stories, and resisting the pull of negativity have become daily practices. The positive emotions are contagious and help navigate through difficult days.


10. Maintain a Happiness Journal: Jotting down joyous moments in a Gratitude Journal has become a cherished habit. It's not about adding another task but relishing the positive experiences. On challenging days, answering prompts like "What were three good things that happened today?" has shifted my perspective and rekindled joy.

As a dementia caregiver, I've faced challenges, but joy and happiness remain attainable, even in the midst of the storm. Purposefully seeking moments of gratitude and implementing these ten happiness tips has made a positive difference in my life. For more insights into dementia caregiving, refer to my book and resources on my website "Taming the Chaos of Dementia: A Caregiver's Guide to Interventions that Make a Difference." Share your experiences, and let's support each other on this unique journey.

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Have a happy journey

Barbara Huelat

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