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Barbara Huelat Awarded Changemaker 2023 Award from Center for Health Design 

First Book Signing and
Author Interview at
2023 Healthcare Design Conference + Expo

Taming the Chaos
Rowman & Littlefield
Press Release

Today is National
Alzheimer's Day

September 21

Today, on National Alzheimer's Day, I find myself reflecting on a deeply personal journey – my role as a caregiver for my beloved husband who battled Alzheimer's disease. It's a day when we collectively raise awareness about dementia and celebrate the unsung heroes who provide relentless care and support to their loved ones facing this heart-wrenching condition. My book, Taming the Chaos of Dementia shares my story, in the hope that it resonates with other caregivers who, like me, have embarked on this challenging but profoundly meaningful path.Dementia, as I learned firsthand, is a complex and relentless adversary. It doesn't just affect memory; it chips away at one's very essence, robbing them of their ability to communicate, reason, and carry out the simplest of tasks. It's an uphill battle filled with moments of heartache and frustration, but also moments of connection and love that shine through the fog of memory loss.On National Alzheimer's Day, my heart overflows with gratitude for the time I had with Joe and for the strength I found within myself as his caregiver. Today, as we come together to honor those who have faced Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, let us remember that the personal stories of caregivers, like mine, illustrate the unwavering power of love and resilience in the face of adversity. #tamingthechaosofdementia. 


Dear Barbara,

Thank you so much for coming & sharing some of your wealth of knowledge on Dementia: Symptoms, Trigger & Interventions.


You took an exceedingly complex topic & gave those of us with no medical training or education a non-emotional intro to what Dementia is & is not. From there, you set us on a journey of understanding ways we can prepare for & even sometimes prevent its upsetting behaviors.


I've always found even the idea of Dementia to be a bit scary, but your plain English descriptions & personal stories allowed me to listen & learn & sometimes even laugh with you.


Thank you again.

Cate Kinney

Hi Barbara! Thank you again for the wonderful presentation on dementia. It was informative and interesting. You handled the technical difficulties very well! At the meeting afterwards, the ladies agreed it was a timely matter.
Best wishes on the sale of your upcoming book!
May God bless your efforts,

Chris Baughman

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Robbie White

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Quinn Davis

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Riley Jones

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